Straight up, here’s why you want Next Path Solutions’ help:

  • Timely, cost-effective software solution delivery
  • Flexible, extensible, and maintainable solutions
  • Transition to more agile and effective technologies and processes
  • Business-oriented approach to solution design
  • Leveraging advances in Cloud Computing, Mobility, and Virtualization

Here’s why you’re looking at this page:

  • You can’t rely entirely on low cost vendors to handle a strategic project.
  • You won’t rely on product vendors’ “hammer & nail” approach to implement your overall solution.
  • You want working software systems fast and affordably, and not reams of documentation from your high cost, big system integrator vendors.

You need someone who has been there, done that, is reasonably priced, and can fill key leadership roles on the project while working with your existing staff and vendors to reliably deliver a quality software solution!

If you have a high visibility project where you want to minimize risk and maximize success potential, you need to talk to us.

Our Delivery Model
We have combined our expertise in software implementation methodologies such as Unified Process, SunTone, Agile, PMI, etc. with hard lessons we learned on the ground, to define an optimal delivery model.
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